Holiday Season

Christmas lights!!!

Christmas is just around the corner and I am beyond excited! I know it seems like all my posts are about Christmas (because I’m the kind of person who would celebrate Christmas all year round if I could), but that’s only because I created my blog in November! I promise to stop talking about Christmas in January. In the meantime, let me have my bit of fun. 🙂

I know Christmas isn’t everyone’s favorite season. I could never understand why. I mean, how could anyone not love all the lights and smells and sounds associated with Christmas?? And also, going to midnight mass and festivities? What about gift-giving?? I love shopping for Christmas presents, wondering if he or she would like this or that. And their faces when they open up their gifts and that 60% chance they will like it! But who cares?? It’s the thought that counts! But then again, to each his own I guess. Everyone gets different experiences at Christmas and not everyone is as blessed as I am, for which I’m super grateful for.


Speaking of gratitude, I am super thankful for all the best people in my life. Many people have been super nice to me and I always think to myself: How did I get so lucky? Dan and his family have been so very kind, and so have my boss at work, family and friends. I think being kind and genuine must be the best qualities a person could possess. Then again, what do I know? I just know that I will be missing Dan a gazillion when I’m gone for nearly 2 months!!! He really is the best smelling person on earth.



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